Department of Bengali

Year of Establishment:

1986 (compulsory): 1999 (General),2003 (Honours)

About the Department:

  • Names of Programmes /Courses offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D.,etc.): UG
  • Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled (programme wise)
    By temporary faculty:
    9.1% per week
  • Student-Teacher Ratio (programme wise): 22:1 (hons), 158:1(Gen)
  • Seminars/Conferences/Workshops organized & the source of funding : Malabika Mondal awarded by the university Gold medal as a topper of B.Ed exam ( 2003 )

Number of teaching posts

Professors - -
Associate Professors 02 02
Asst. Professors 01 01
SACT 03 03

SWOT analysis


  • Close Inter-action With Students, regular observational and monitoring for regular attendance , monitoring and motivating the student regularly , Many other academic activities such as student seminar, debate & quiz, inter-disciplinary lectures , wall magazines, Educational Tour.
  • Rich seminar library is very much useful for the students since 2005.
  • Feedback report is taken from the students.
  • Socio economic survey f the Honours students are regularly done by the department.
  • The department has an Alumni Association since 2006
  • Academic audit regularly done in the month of Dec from 2005


  • Lack of fulltime permanent faculty, insufficient fund for innovating programme.


  • The departmental teachers are overburdened with academic responsibilities but if more posts are made available the department can offer professional coaching for SSc, Net and hereby can revenue for the college.Organize student seminar, excursion for the benefit of students.


  • Average students’ tendency to collect readymade notes from coaching center. This is very much alarming and harmful.
  • Most of Our students come from lower and lower middle class family and first generation learner.

Future Plans

  • To publish departmental magazine apart from wall magazine.
  • Research project by the teachers.
  • Two MP was already applied for.
  • To organize National/International and career counseling for our students and ex-students.
  • Special educational counseling and career counseling for our students and Ex-students.