Department of Economics

Year of Establishment:


About the Department:

  • Names of Programmes/Courses offered : B.A ( General )
  • Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments: Yes

Number of teaching posts

Professors - -
Associate Professors 01 01
Asst. Professors 01 01
SACT 01 01

SWOT analysis


  • Inherent intelligence of the students
  • Current awareness.
  • Competitive attitude.


  • Lack of interest on the part of the faculty in doing research project.
  • Poor attendance of the students.


  • The department is so small in terms of number of students and teachers; it is an opportunity to come closer to the students as mentors for their future guidance.


  • Inclination of the mother University syllabi of economics is becoming more mathematical and current affairs oriented which is dissuading mediocre students from taking economics as pass subject. As a result, number of students is drastically falling.

Future Plans

  • Students shall be made more aware about general knowledge and current affairs so that they can face competitive examinations specially where there is dearth of job opportunities.
  • Department will try to do minor research project under UGC.
  • Technique of teaching shall be made more attractive by using Colourful Charts, Diagrams and Projectors so that students get more interest to attend classes.
  • Publication of a Quarterly Economic Bulletin from January 2007 is Under Contemplation.