Department of Geography

Year of Establishment:

General: 10-6-2005 and Hons: 6-7-2007

About the Department:

Number of teaching posts

Professors - -
Associate Professors - -
Asst. Professors 03 03
SACT 03 03

SWOT analysis


  • Well-equipped laboratory
  • Departmental Stock with good number topographical map, Aerial photo and satellite imagery
  • Smart Classroom for better teaching
  • Cordial help from the teachers and non-teaching staff to students
  • Maintain healthy work-culture in the department
  • Every year Field Work Project and educational tour


  • Lack of Good books for the Students


  • 1. Young faculty with zeal and, qualifications and experience provides a platform for faster academic progress.
  • 2. Being in good location of the institution it is possible to invite experts to lecture.
  • 3. Departmental career counseling cell to give an insight of upcoming job opportunities.


  • 1. Keeping up to date with latest technology.

Future Plans

  • To enrich the teachers and students with the knowledge in computer applications and RS and GIS software
  • To organise a national level seminar
  • To establish a well-equipped soil analysis lab
  • To enrich the Digital analysis laboratory with latest equipment.
  • To start research projects by the teachers.
  • To organize training programmes and workshops in RS-GIS-GPS technology.