Department of Sanskrit

Year of Establishment:

SANSKRIT (G) – 2006, SANSKRIT (H) - 2009

About the Department:

  • Names of Programmes/Courses offered : B.A. - General and Honours.

Number of teaching posts

Professors - -
Associate Professors - -
Asst. Professors One VACANT
SACT 03 03

SWOT analysis


  • Department takes active care of students and renders proper services to the students.
  • There is a very cordial and warm teacher student relationship.
  • Arrangements are being made to use modern technology.
  • Arrangement is being made to provide seminar library facilitate students.


  • While some students are regular, majority students have low attendance rate.
  • Lack of full time teaching staff.
  • No seminar library.
  • No smart class room or facility for interactive class-room facility.


  • Opportunity is there to held seminars at regular interval

TThreats :

  • Declining attendance of students

Future Plans

  • To give students more exposure to the subject through excursion
  • To have wall magazine
  • To guide aspiring students for higher courses of study.