Department of Sociology

Year of Establishment:

1995 (General), 2015 (Honours)

About the Department:

The department started in the year 1995 and that time in our college Sociology associated with only general stream. From 1995 to till day general students strength of our department are increasing day by day. But now the department introduced Sociology honours course in the 2015.

The department of Sociology is very much effective and young in this college. Students and faculties are also participating in different type’s academic and social activities.

Number of teaching posts

Professors - -
Associate Professors - -
Asst. Professors One One
SACT 05 05

SWOT analysis


Faculties and students are very mush effective and cooperative. They represent so many academic and social activities within short period of time.

  • A. Departmental library of this department is very good. Books of Western and Indian Authors as well as English and Bengali language books are available here. Students can access and use those books for their study.
  • B. Wall Magazinethroughstudents tried to express their ideas and creativities.
  • C. Educational Tour through they learn field studies and tried to know socio-economic nature of society, and by all departmental programme they express their extracurricular activities and maintain solidarity within the department and also other department.
  • D. Smart Classroom is very much effective and modern contribution of this department. Students also using this for their presentation and other academic affairs.

Teaching Method: Study processes and the method of teaching of this department is different. Here we offer such methods:

  • A. Demonstration,
  • B. Question-answer session,
  • C. Debate,
  • D. Paper presentation,
  • E. Student’s seminar.


  • we need more academic instruments for more development of the department.


  • A. Modern method of learning (Smart Classroom).
  • B. Departmental library.
  • C. Educational tour for practical research evaluation.
  • D. Wall magazine and best prize distribution.
  • E. Debate on contemporary issues - which will make them effective and active.
  • F. Paper presentation – which will enrich their speaking quality and capability.


  • It is your department, so use every books and academic instruments carefully.

Future Plans

  • We need more UGC fund for departmental development.
  • We need separate departmental seminar hall for seminars.
  • To provide more ebook facilities for easy learning.