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3.2.1 - Journals Notified



3.2.1 Number of papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the year.
Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name Of Journal Year of publication ISSN number Link to the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal
Biplob Tirtho Chandannagar O Biplobi Rashbihari Basu Sachin Chakraborty History Ebong Mahua 2020 N.A CLICK HERE
Gandhiji O biplobira; Prekhshit Bharator Swadhinata Andolon Sachin Chakraborty History Ebong Mahua 2020 N.A CLICK HERE
The Revolutionary Movement Of Bengal & Maniktolla Garden Society : With Special Reference To Alipore Bomb Conspiracy Case Sachin Chakraborty History Shodh Sanchar Bulletin ( Jan-Mar-2021) 2021 2229-3620 CLICK HERE
Rastrer Satrumitro, Bakti Obosthan O Duti Bangla Chhotogalpo Ashoke Krishna Chatterjee Bengali Srwot 2021(March) 2349-5278 CLICK HERE
Crop Insurance For Agricultural Turn-around In India Rupam Mukherjee Economics International Journal Of Economic Policy In Emerging Economies, Vol. 13; No. 5 2020 ISSN Online: 1752-0460 ISSN Print: 1752-0452; CLICK HERE
*-ricci Solitons On Ε-kenmotsu Manifolds De, K., Blaga, A. M. And De, U.c. Mathematics Palestine Journal Of Mathematics 2020 2219-5688 CLICK HERE
Almost Quasi-yamabe Solitons And Gradient Almost Quasi-yamabe Solitons In Paracontact Geometry De, K And De, U.c. Mathematics Quaestiones Mathematicae 2020 1607-3606 CLICK HERE
A Note On Gradient *-ricci Solitons De, K. Mathematics Math. Sci. Appl. E-notes 2020 2147-6268 CLICK HERE
W_{2}-curvature Tensor On K-contact Manifolds De, K. Mathematics Facta Universitatis (Nis) Ser. Math. Inform. 2020 0352-9665 CLICK HERE
Some Relativistic Properties Of Lorentzian Para-sasakian Type Spacetime De, K. Mathematics Kyungpook Mathematical Journal 2020 1225-6951 CLICK HERE
A Note On Almost Ricci Soliton And Gradient Almost Ricci Soliton On Para-sasakian Manifolds De, K And De, U.c. Mathematics The Korean Journal Of Mathematics 2020 1976-8605 CLICK HERE
Α-almost Ricci Solitons On Kenmotsu Manifolds De, K. Mathematics Sut Journal Of Mathematics 2020 0916-5746 CLICK HERE
A Note On Gradient Solitons On Para-kenmotsu Manifolds De, K And De, U.c. Mathematics Int. J.geom. Methods Mod. Phys. 2021 0219-8878 CLICK HERE
K-almost Yamabe Solitons On Kenmotsu Manifolds De, K And De, U.c. Mathematics Honam Math. Journal 2021 2288-6176 CLICK HERE
Investigation Of Generalized Z- Recurrent Spacetimes And F(R,t)-gravity De, K And De, U.c. Mathematics Advances In Applied Clifford Algebras 2021 1661-4909 CLICK HERE
Nigerian Civil War Poems : A Literature in Transition Samrat Banerjee English Sambodhi 2021 2249-6661 CLICK HERE
Empowering Women In India: An Overview On Sociocultural Life Of Elderly Soumitra Sarkar Sociology Shodh Sarita 2021 2348-2397 CLICK HERE
Understanding the Spatio-temporal Pattern of Covid-19 Outbreak in India Using Gis and India's Response in Managing the Pandemic Mitrajit Chatterjee Geography Regional Science Policy and Practice 2021 1757-7802 CLICK HERE